ANGLO-JUDAICA: Description of a Collection of Pamphlets and Books illustrative of the interest in Hebrew Studies and of the Progress of the Jewish cause in Christian England. PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS


Delivered by the Rev. Prof. HERMANN GOLLANCZ, D.Lit., on January 28, 1906.

I need not dwell at any length upon the honour you have been good enough to confer upon me by electing me to occupy the position which in the past has been filled with so much usefulness and dignity by several well-known members of the community. Let me say at the outset, I appreciate this honour to the full; and in thanking you once for all, I would express the hope that, during the tenure of my office as President, I may be of some service to the cause we all have at heart? the furtherance of the study of Anglo-Jewish history, and of the interests of Anglo-Jewry generally. I will, therefore, plunge in medias res and ask you to spend an hour with me among some of the curious and in? teresting items of my

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