Anglo-Jewry under Edward I: credit agents and their clients

‘However careful be the harvest, there is the forgotten sheaf and the aftergrowth, the perquisites of the poor. May they be worthy of the barn to which they are brought!’ Thus wrote Herbert Loewe in his introduction to a monumental work – a catalogue of the Jewish documents in the British Museum in March 1930. Loewe also observed that: ‘There is always something left for the man who comes after the king.'((H. Loewe (ed.) Starrs and Jewish Charters in the British Museum II (London 1932) xii.)) I fully acknowledge my debts to many of the kings of Anglo-Jewish history, scholars such as B. Lionel Abrahams, Cecil Roth, Michael Adler and of course Vivian Lipman.((His works on medieval Jewry include: ‘The Roth “Hake” manuscript’ in J. M. Shaftesley (ed.) Remember the Days – Essays in Honour of Cecil Roth (London 1966) 49-71; The Jews of Medieval Norwich (London 1967); ‘The anatomy

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