Anglo-Jewry in Caricature 1780—1850

This paper* is in effect little more than an addendum to my two Presidential addresses published in Transactions XIX under the com? posite title ‘Portrait of Anglo-Jewry’, which was followed by ‘The Rothschilds in Carica? ture’ in Volume XXII, but as far as possible the illustrations are restricted to those which have not previously been published. For the his? torian seeking ‘to discover how things really were’ the engraved caricature is an unrivalled chronicle of day-to-day events, national habits, and prejudices, and the best guide to public opinion. It is of particular importance for the study of Jewish social, political, and economic history because of the scarcity of other sources, and I therefore make no excuse for returning to the subject. To be able to do so without repeti? tion speaks for the volume of the material and the little use that has been made of it. As far as

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