Anglo-Jewish Travellers to Palestine in the Nineteenth Century

Palestine has been linked closely with English thought from the beginning of the century, after the Navy and Army on the coasts of Egypt and Palestine resisted Napoleon’s attempt at world dominion. The writer who first aroused in the English people a renewed interest in the story of the Jews in Palestine was Dean Milman. His poem, ” The Fall of Jerusalem,” was published in 1820, his History of the Jews ten years later. In the first half of the century English travellers like Kinglake, and English artists like Roberts, gave the Holy Land a fresh and vivid appeal, revivifying the story of the Bible. That appeal was strengthened in the second part of the century, pardy by the work of the Palestine Exploration Fund, which threw steady and increasing light on the Bible story by digging in and below the ground, and pardy by the succession of travellers and

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