Anglo-Jewish Silver

OUR subject is a fascinating and almost unexplored tributary to the main stream of the English goldsmiths’ craft. It springs from the settlement in England of Sephardi Jews in the seventeenth century. Entirely unnoticed by Sir Charles Jackson in his monumental survey of English plate of 1911, although numerous examples had been shown in the Anglo-Jewish Historical Exhibition at the Albert Hall in 1887, the subject was first investigated some twenty years ago by the late Philip A. S. Phillips who made invaluable lists of the pieces traced by him and of Anglo-Jewish goldsmiths to which I would like to pay tribute here.

My own first contacts with Jewish art, if I may be allowed a moment’s personal reminiscence, was when I acted over tw7enty years ago as amanuensis to Dr. Cecil Roth when he made the catalogue of the Arthur Howitt Collection for its dispersal at Christies in 1932.

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