Presidential Address delivered at University College, London, before the Jewish Historical Society of England at the Inaugural Meeting of Session, 1907-1908, Monday, December 9, 1907.

Twenty years ago I had no ambition to become President of the Jewish Historical Society. In the first place, the Jewish Historical Society was not yet born, and in the second place, the Anglo-Je wish Historical Exhi? bition of 1887 had just killed my dawning interest in Anglo-Je wish history. I was then a little lad, fresh from the provinces, with but a meagre knowledge of Jewish history and a profound ignorance of London geography. I was attracted by the announcement in the Jewish Press that visitors to the Exhibition on the Sabbath would be admitted free of charge, and would, in addition, be presented with a copy of the Catalogue. So, in my childlike innocence, on a Sabbath afternoon in the June of 1887,

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