To speak of Jewish armorial bearings is scarcely accurate, for the coats of arms used by Jews are very seldom Jewish coats of arms. As a rule, the last thing Jewish applicants to Heralds’ College think of is the emblazonment of any reminiscence of their family traditions or their racial origin on the escutcheons which are intended to mark their rank in Gentile social life. This is exceedingly regrettable, both from the heraldic and the Jewish standpoint. No conscientious student of the ” gentle science ” can view with satisfaction the accumulation of spurious heraldic material utterly devoid of historical or genealogical value; nor can any chauvinist Jew be otherwise than disappointed that his brethren should elect to follow the examples of Gentile parvenus, when a proper and intelligent use of their own historical emblems and devices might found a branch of heraldry, rivalling, in its valid claim to antiquity,

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