An eighteenth-century Sephardi lady: her relations and her property

A will and an inventory preserved in the archives of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation, London, have, together with the Bevis Marks Records,1 enabled me to build up a family tree of an eighteenth century Sephardi lady and reveal something of her home and way of life.

The lady was Hannah, daughter of Abraham Salom Morenu (called Luis de Paz – Salom/Shalom = Paz = peace), who was born probably in about 1680. She married David, the son of a teacher in the Congregation, Isaac Israel de Avila, on 31 January 1704. With her came a dowry of ?1000, to which her husband added ?500. He died in March 1716, and there were evidently no children. On 14 December 1741, just before she died, Hannah made her will. She was buried in the Novo (New) Cemetery in Mile End on 16 December. The next day, 17 December, Samuel de

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