Amy Levy.

Paper read before the Jewish Historical Society of England, June 22,1926.

It is my object, as far as is within my power, to dwell this evening on the work of a much-neglected Jewess, Amy Levy, and to pay a tribute of homage to her memory. In undertaking the writing of this paper I was actuated by the wilful neglect on the part of her co-religionists of one whose writings, for pure literary worth, have transcended those of any other English Jewess. It is the object of this paper to bring before this Society, representative of intellectual Anglo-Je wry, a writer whose merited fame has been dimmed by years of obscurity ; one whose name should be prominent in the annals of Jewry, in the achievements of the daughters of Israel in this land. Anglo-Jewish history can boast but few women of genius, with the result that its lamentably sparse list

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