Amendments to ‘England Expects…’

Geoffrey Green’s article in Jewish Historcal Studies volume 41, entitled ‘England Expects…: British Jews under the white ensign from HMS Victory to the loss of HMS Hood in 1941’ (pages 63-97), is a superb piece of work. But I and others have found a large number of Second World War Royal Naval British and Commonwealth fatalities which should be published as an addendum to Green’s study. These have appeared since the original publication of We Will Remember Them by Henry Morris1 and will be included in the forthcoming updated edition co-authored by myself and with the help of the late Gerald Bean (assisted by the records manager at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission or CWGC).2 It is appropriate that they appear also here. They exclude Merchant Navy casualties, of whom there were well over a hundred. I have added near the end those I could not find on the CWGC

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