ALBERT MONTEFIORE HYAMSON (President of the Jewish Historical Society of England, 1945-7; Honorary Editor of Publications, 1944-54)

“WE meet this evening under a sense of very heavy loss. Albert Hyamson was not only a valued member, officer and collaborator of the Jewish Historical Society, ” * but it might be said that for many years he was the Society. He was one of our oldest surviving members, having joined fifty-five years ago or more, within a few years of our foundation, before I myself was born. His first paper was contributed in 1903. And from that time onwards, his contributions to Anglo-Jewish historiography were continuous. In 1907 there came his History of the Jews in England, which in its way marked an epoch. It was the earliest summing-up of Jewish history in a palatable form, embodying the results of the researches whereby Lucien Wolf and Joseph Jacobs had put an entirely new aspect on the study of the subject. There are many of us?and I count myself

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