Agricultural land in Palestine: Letters to Sir Moses Montefiore, 1839

Letters on the subject of land and agriculture, written by the Jews of Safed, Tiberias, Acre, Haifa, Jerusalem and Hebron to Sir Moses Monteflore during his second visit to Palestine in 1839, have been dealt with by various authors. Some have seen them in the context of the history of the movement for Jewish national revival and the ‘Hibbat Zion’ movement, or of European concepts about ‘the restoration of the Jews’.((Citron, Sokolow, Gelber, Medzini and Dinur, cited by I. Bartal, ‘Settlement Proposals During Montefiore’s Second Visit to Eretz-Israel, 1839’, in Joseph Hacker (ed.) Shalem: Studies in the History of the Jews in Eretz-Israel II (Jerusalem 1976) 231-5 (Hebrew).)) Others have used them as sources for the study of the history of Jewish settlement in Palestine and of the attempts of Jews to engage in productive occupations there.((Luncz, Ya’ari, Harisman, Gat, Klausner, Zvi-Zehavi, Kressel and others, cited by Bartal (see n.

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