Adolph Büchler, Principal of Jews’ College, 1906—1939

We are told that when a prominent teacher of the Academy of Tiberias passed away, one of his colleagues ascended the pulpit and exclaimed: ‘Babylon gave him birth, Palestine developed his fame and his greatness, and the scholars of Tiberias mourn the loss of a precious crown’. Rabbi Zeira was a Babylonian and came to the school of Tiberias under somewhat unusual circumstances. The reception of Babylonian scholars in Galilee was none too friendly. All the same, Rabbi Zeira achieved prominence in his new spiritual home. It is as necessary today as it was seventeen centuries ago, in order to appreciate the worth of a scholar, to know something of his background and the conditions under which he worked. What is true of the Palestinian Amora of the third century is equally true of the Jewish scholar in our own day.

Adolph B?chler was born in 1867 in Priekopa, Hungary.

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