Veterans, their relatives and others who kindly supplied information for this paper are: Barbara Barnett, Alan Bath, Jane Bennett (Australia), the husband of Doris Blustone, the Bogush sisters, Samantha Chalmers (archives of Newnham College, Cambridge), Iona Doniach, Ruth Doniach Durant, Ralph Erskine, Ernest Ettinghausen, Penny Finestein, Joan Friedman, Gila Goldberg (Israel, the daughter of J. D. Goldberg) and Hilda Feder-Goldberg (her mother), Samuel Goldstein, Peter Hilton (USA), Morris Hoffman, the Jewish Chronicle librarians, Bernard Lewis, Wilf Lockwood, David Loewe, Michael Loewe, Cynthia Maccoby, Morris Milner, Beverley Nenk, Rolph Noskwith, Kate Perry (archives of Girton College, Cambridge), Peter Pilley, Dame Miriam Rothschild-Lane, Ann Ross/Mendoza/Meadows, Anna Sander (archives of Balliol College, Oxford), Jeremy SchonField, Hugh Sebag-Montefiore, Ruth Sebag Montefiore, Valerie Serkes (the daughter of Harry Home), the nephew of Maurice Spector, Peter Willett (University of Sheffield), Phyllis Wix, Lena Woolstone.


Martin Sugarman writes, in connection with his article entitled ‘Confounding

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