Addendum III: Lieutenant Marcus Bloom: a Jewish hero of the SOE

the Foreign Legion in France. He was seconded to the l’Arm6e de l’Air in September 1939, escaped to England after France fell and was posted to Duxford on the formation of the Czech 310 Squadron on 12 July 1940. He crashed accidentally on i August and landed after a collision at Upwood on 15 August; shot down a i 1o on 26 August and a Dorner 215 on 31 August, in Hurricane V3889, which was damaged; and shot down a i io on 3 September 3 and a Dorner 215 on 18 September. He was awarded the DFC in October 1940, but was killed in a crash landing at Duxford on 29 October 1940, after a collision with Pilot Officer J. M. Maly. He was buried at Brookwood.

81945 Vilem Goth, Pilot Officer, Czech Squadrons 310 and 501, 7 was born on 22 April 1915 and joined 310 Squadron at

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