Addendum I

AJEX; John Dickson, North East War Memorials Association; Keith Feldman, Jewish Chronicle Librarian; Judge Israel Finestein; Murray Freedman, Leeds JHSE; Paul Leaver, Hull City Archives; David Lewis, Hull Jewish Community Archives; Mrs D. Mowbray-Pape, St Margaret’s School, Durham; Eric and Graham Newman, Leeds and London; Susan Oldsburgh, Newcastle Jewish Community; Mike Robson, Johnston’s School historian; Jacqui Rodgerson, Clayport Local Studies Library, Durham; Geoffrey Rossman, Newcastle-upon-Tyne AJEX; Hull Daily Mail Archives; Mark Seaman of the Cabinet Office (formerly of the Imperial War Museum and SOE specialist) for his guidance; Lesley Simmons, Howard Cuckle and Fran Harris, Hull; Dr M. Stansfield, University of Durham Archives; Warren Winetroube, Hull.

Addendum I

It is regretted that Martin Sugarman’s article ‘Breaking the Codes: Jewish personnel at Bletchley Park’, in Jewish Historical Studies 40 (2005) misquotes Ruth Sebag-Montefiore’s book A Family Patchwork: Five Generations of an Anglo-Jewish Family (London 1987). The passage from the foot of

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