Abraham Sussman from Berdichew to Bevis Marks

Abraham Sussman was born in Poland in 1802. He came to England in 1839, earned his living in London for more than thirty years, and died in Jerusalem in 1881. No doubt this story sounds familiar to you, because it is very like the story of your own forebears. And indeed, Abraham Sussman’s life-history is a typical piece of Anglo-Jewish history. The remarkable feature in this case is that Abraham Sussman actually wrote his autobiography?a vivid and often moving Hebrew narrative which covers the years 1802-1840, with some later episodes. It was my friend Moses Sanders who drew my attention to the existence of this material, and who most kindly lent me many of the books I needed for my amateur detection, and I am happy to express my gratitude to him and to many others who have helped me. But now let us turn to Sussman’s own account of

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