There is an important omission in my little book, The Jews of Angevin England, which has been received with praises so much above its deserts. In a measure, to use a much-hackneyed expression, it resem bles the play of Hamlet without any representative of the Danish prince. Owing to circumstances, which have been explained by myself and others over and over again, the Jews of mediaeval Europe were forced to be *1 usurers,” or, as we nowadays call them, financiers. But the greatest of these financiers in twelfth-century England (to which my book is confined) is undoubtedly Aaron of Lincoln. My pages positively reek with his transactions. He is in many ways the typical Jew of Angevin England as he presented himself to the outer world. I have given in my book all, or at any rate most, of the passages which relate to his activity, but I have not,

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