Aaron Aaronsohn: forgotten man of history?*

In 1882 Ephraim Fischel Aaronsohn left Romania and took his wife and young son on Aliyah. He helped set up an agricultural settlement at Zichron Ya’akov near Haifa where they had five more children. He became one of the Yi$huv\ leading farmers, but was famed less for his pioneering achievements than as the father of some remarkable offspring. The most important of these is the eldest son, Aaron Aaronsohn (1876-1919), who became the leading agronomist in the country and contributed much to the development of agriculture there. He is remembered mostly, however, for creating an espionage network designed to help the British Army in its conflict with Turkey in the First World War, for his subsequent work as an influential member of British operational staff in Cairo and for later activi ties on behalf of the Zionist movement. The successful British campaign against Turkey was helped materially by his knowledge

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