A second Jewish community in Tudor London

Sixty-three years ago, the then President of this Society, Lucien Wolf, delivered his Presidential Address on the subject of ‘Jews in Elizabethan England’.((Luden Wolf, ‘Jews in Elizabethan England* Trans ]HSE XI (1926) 1-91.)) Wolf’s researches revealed what had been quite unsuspected until then – a Jewish community in Tudor England which at its largest consisted of about one hundred people, most of whom were Portuguese Marranos living in London. Since Wolf’s address two other Presidents of the Society have increased our knowledge of that community – I refer of course to the work of Cecil Roth and Edgar Samuel.

In this article I shall try to show that London was also the home of a second Jewish community, probably as large as the first and, although connected with it, essentially distinct and with its own character.((Some of the evidence is given in more detail in Roger Prior, ‘Jewish Musicians at

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