A Plea for a Genealogical and Historiographical Section of the Jewish Historical Society of England

The purpose of my paper is to plead for the co-ordination and systematisation of efforts in the spheres of Anglo-Jewish genealogy and historiography and the setting up of a genealogical and historio? graphical section in that behalf by our Society. That there has been much individual and a certain measure of co-operative endeavour in such genealogy and historiography is evident from the amount of published material available, either readily or upon investigation, and it may be safely conjectured that there must be very much more, most probably on the genealogical side, which is unpublished and inacces? sible. Anglo-Jewish historiography in the wider sense covers a large field and includes records both personal and local, the spheres of genealogy, institutional history and topography. These spheres are not mutually exclusive and at times and in places overlap. The field of Anglo-Jewish historiography in general was comprehensively sur? veyed in the Presidential Address

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