A Petition from Haslemere in 1753

Constantinople. Dr. Covel further introduced to Uffenbach ” many very fine codices hebraicos, and among them in three voluminibus membr. in 4. biblia hebr. ante 300 annos scripta. It has indeed the vowel points but by a later hand. Such codices we find here and there.”

Dr. Covel exhibited several other curiosities, including some texts from India, and then showed the bowl to his interested guest.

Afterwards Dr. Covel shewed us a fine vas aeneum with a hebrew inscrip? tion, found under ground in Norfolk. No one has yet been able to decypher the inscription owing to the numerous contractions. Mr. Dr. Covel believes that much money must have been found in it, as the man who dug it up, suddenly became rich. The vessel may contain two measures (p. 150).

For various theories as to the meaning of the inscription, the reader may refer to the Transactions as above

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