“A Menace to Jews Seen If Hitler Wins”: British and American press comment on German antisemitism 1918-1933

To what extent did Anglo-American newspapers report on antisemitism in the Weimar Republic? Which aspects of this antisemitism – physical vio- lence, discrimination and boycotts, or anti-Jewish propaganda – aroused the particular interest of the foreign press or were neglected? Were there simi- larities or differences in the coverage of newspapers of diverse nationalities and opposing political orientations? When and why did changes in the report- ing occur? Above all, how did foreign papers perceive the antisemitic prop- aganda and violence of the rising Nazi party? Did they understand the central role of antisemitism in Nazi ideology and the threat that this posed to German Jewry?

Despite a considerable body of literature on the Jews and antisemitism in Weimar Germany, these questions have hardly been addressed.1 Whereas the foreign media responses to Nazi antisemitism after 1933 and to the Holocaust aroused scholarly interest as early as the 1960s, and more

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