A Jewish Family in Oxford in the 13th Century.


David of Lincoln, of Oxford, of London.

[Various towns where Jews dwelt. Travelling from town to town.]

Property in Oxford. ” Dura manu”

Talliator, Assessor. M.P. (1241).

Divorce affairs. Muriel. Masters of Law. Intercourse with France.

His death, 1244.

Licoricia his second wife.

[Jewish women as financiers (a) in their husbands’ life-time, (b) as widows.]

The Property.

The King’s share. Westminster Abbey.

Children of David, and of Licorice.

Licoricia at Winchester.

Her sons: Benedict. His official positions. His family. His execution.

Cockerell. Hebrew book.


Their sons : Sweteman. At Marlborough. Asher. Oxford.

The Expulsion.

This paper is entitled ” A Jewish Family in Oxford in the Thirteenth Century ” ; but it must not be forgotten that at that period the head of a family at any rate was compelled by the limitations of Jewish occupations frequently to travel from place to place, and that other members of

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