A collection of Anglo-Jewish ephemera

I have recently acquired a folio volume, measuring 35 X 21 cm, into which are bound 19 items almost entirely of Anglo-Jewish interest. Their dates, where recorded, range from 23 April 1789 (27 Nissan 5549) to 24 August 1847 (12 Ellul 5607). Of these documents, 7 are in Hebrew, 9 in Hebrew and English, 2 in English only, and I in Yiddish. Three are in manuscript. They total 40 pages. Those in English, and the English sections of the bilingual ones, are discussed here in some detail; the others are only briefly recorded, having been discussed by me in Sinai CIX (Jerusalem 1992) 273-86. The material is presented in chronological order, rather than the haphazard sequence in which it appears in the collection.

I This item (see fig. 1) is unattested elsewhere. Although undated, it is printed on the same type of paper as that which follows it, which is

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