The Jewish Historical Society of England, the oldest historical and learned society of its kind in Europe was founded in 1893 by the foremost Anglo-Jewish scholars and communal leaders of the day. Past presidents have included Lucien Wolf, F.D. Mocatta, Israel Zangwill, Cecil Roth and Sir Isaiah Berlin. The society, based in London, has branches in Essex, Leeds, Liverpool, Herts and Middlesex, Sussex and Jerusalem.

The JHSE hold monthly meetings with lectures on a wide range of subjects relating to Anglo-Jewish history. Topics cover Jewish life in Britain from the middle ages to date, and the aim of the society is to make the results of historical scholarship interesting to both a general and specialist audience.

The JHSE publishes lectures, book reviews and occasional papers in its annual transactions known as Jewish Historical Studies.

The JHSE promotes the study of, and encourages research into, Anglo-Jewish history, and of communities connected with it.

The JHSE responds to enquiries, from members and non-members, about aspects of Anglo-Jewish history.

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